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About the American Mi-Ki Registry Association

The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is a dedicated registry open to all purebred Mi-Ki whether they are for show/breeding or a family companion, regardless of club affiliation. AMRA was created by Mi-Ki breeders of varying club affiliations, along side of other respected individuals in the dog world, in order to create and maintain a respectable registry free of political complications. To insure the integrity of AMRA’s registry database we require DNA profiling, and a proven pedigree of all registered dogs. To insure the safety of our database it will be maintained using premier registry/pedigree software with multiple licenses to allow for separate, geographically distant individuals to maintain duplicate registry records. This is the first and only purebred Mi-Ki registry to allow open access to complete studbook/pedigree information to our associate breeders.


To create an alliance of Mi-Ki breeders to address and resolve the very real concern of gene pool diversity within our rare breed while maintaining the quality in health, temperament, and confirmation.


The mission of the American Mi-Ki Registry Association is to verify and register purebred Mi-Ki dogs and puppies. Our goal is to be a dynamic service organization focused on being the authority for purebred Mi-Ki.


The American Mi-Ki Registry Association will embrace integrity, openness, honesty, and consideration in all its dealings with Mi-Ki breeders and enthusiasts.


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