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This page is designed for the use of AMRA registering Mi-Ki Breeders. It was designed to make available the records of the American Mi-Ki Registry Association on all Mi-Ki Dogs and Mi-Ki Puppies. Our hope is that Mi-Ki Breeders will be able to use this database to gather information on the ancestors of their Mi-Ki Dogs to help them make wise mating decisions in order to produce top quality healthy Mi-Ki Puppies.


Update:Setup for user name/password is in production. Each breeder will be notified regarding setup. Once user name/password is complete, breeder will have access to all Mi-Ki information within AMRA's database with the exception of any OFA/CERF results that any breeder opted not to make public.

Available to all associate breeders is our online pedigree research program. This program is currently being developed by a web specialist as it requires an extensive database to allow for proper functionality. Until this program is available, if you have any questions about a specific pedigree, you may email your question to: info@americanmi-kiregistryassociation.com


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