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Breeder Listing

Kennel Breeder Name Email Address State CERF OFA Phone Website
Pat N Ricks Mi-Kis Pat Neuman "Email Me" IN YES YES (502) 751-5223 Website
Montana's Big Sky Mi-Kis Nancy Baue "Email Me" MT NO NO (406) 798-3618 Website
Minuette Mi-Kis JoAnn Manatt "Email Me" IA YES YES (641) 522-7789 Website
JuBa-lee Mi-kis Barbara Briggs "Email Me" NC YES YES (336) 254-8898 Website
DRT Mi-Kis Robert & Teresa Dickhaus "Email Me" OH NO NO (513) 895-2547 Website
Mile-Hi Mi-Kis Julie Bosacker "Email Me" CO YES YES (303) 663-1515 Website
Captivating Mi-kis Jane Theriault "Email Me" MA Yes Yes (413) 785-1353 Website
Dakota Mi-kis Pam Hanes "Email Me" SD yes yes (605) 878-2372 Website
Belle Amie Mi-kis Barbara & Jaron Stewart "Email Me" WA YES YES (360) 320-8866 Website
Mythic Mi-kis Christina & Timothy Paulhus "Email Me" NJ YES YES (646) 525-5345 Website
Little Mi-kis Kerry Little "Email Me" WA 360-753-9133 Website
Pacific Mi-kis Rina Carbol "Email Me" B.C. CANADA NO NO (778) 386-4350 Website
Amazing Mi-kis Robin Wendell "Email Me" AL NO YES (251) 649-6254 Website
Always Adorable Mi-kis Carolyn Ausborn "Email Me" FL NO NO (727) 410-5586 Website
Always Adorable Mi-kis Liz Duke "Email Me" FL NO NO (727) 992-6908 Website
Micky's Mini Mi-Kis Micky Maes de Ceriez "Email Me" SPAIN NO NO +34 965 020892 Website
Captivating Mi-kis Geri Wojeck "Email Me" FL YES YES (407) 740-0353 Website
Get'm Down South Mi-kis Ann Dunn "Email Me" AL NO NO (256) 347-3613 Website
Little Angels Mi-kis Susan Versmesse "Email Me" IN NO NO (219) 778-2735 Website
Admin Tamara Beebe "Email Me" AZ N/A N/A (623) 412- 8187 Website
Tarheel Mi-kis Bill Wrenn "Email Me" NC NO NO (919) 819-9992 Website
So Fine Mi-Kis Denise Schirr "Email Me" IN YES YES (574) 534-4415 Website
Rare Gem Mi-kis Ruthy Wolfson "Email Me" OH YES YES (440) 893-2000 Website
Mathias Mi-kis Darlene Wahlstrom "Email Me" AZ YES YES (480) 314-4905 Website
Litati's Dream Mi-kis Dixie Gilbreth "Email Me" AZ NO NO (520) 468-8434 Website
Piece of My Heart Mi-kis Gabriela Wantuch "Email Me" POLAND +48 606 217760 Website
Elegant Tiny Paws Brenda Reyes "Email Me" FL YES YES (561) 577-4126 Website
Irwin's Dog House Teresa & Keith Irwin "Email Me" MO NO NO (816) 223-0382 Website
Loveable Mi-kis Diana Maunu "Email Me" WI NO YES (715) 688-9070 Website
Dynasty Mi-kis Sherry Ross "Email Me" GA NO NO (404) 345-1094 Website
Tesoro Mio Mi-Ki Mary Schmitt "Email Me" CO YES YES (303) 880-6996 Website
Brumby's Run Mi-kis Bonnie & John Thomson "Email Me" CA NO YES (661) 332-6508 Website
Temporary Access "Email Me" Website
Mi-Ki Mignon Evelyn Manley "Email Me" CANADA YES NO (613) 496-0044 Website

NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE ADOPTING FAMILIES: Under each breeder's information, CERF & OFA is listed with either a "Yes" or "No". If you see a "Yes" in either column, it means that every single registered Mi-Ki owned by that particular breeder has documented results on file with AMRA for that particular category. If you see a "No" listed in either column, it does not mean that particular breeder doesn't do the testing, but rather only that every owned Mi-Ki doesn't have documented results on file with AMRA. The basis of the "Yes" or "No" is solely whether or not AMRA has documented results on file for every registered Mi-Ki owned by each breeder.

The AMRA strongly encourages all breeders to adopt ethical breeding and business practices; however, the AMRA cannot and does not inspect, monitor, or regulate the breeding or business practices of breeders affiliated with the AMRA.  The AMRA recommends prospective owners do adequate research prior to purchasing a puppy.  It is the obligation of the breeder and purchaser to make informed decisions whether to complete the purchase of a Mi-Ki.  The AMRA strongly encourages breeders and buyers to carefully document, in writing, all representations, promises, statements, warranties, and guarantees relating to the purchase of a Mi-Ki.  Both the breeder and buyer should be aware of and comply with state and local laws governing the sale of dogs.  The AMRA does not endorse, guarantee, recommend, or approve any particular Mi-Ki club or breeder.

When visiting various Mi-Ki websites, be sure to look for the AMRA Associate Ribbon. (seen below) This is your way of knowing which breeders are working with AMRA to protect and secure the future of the Mi-Ki breed. It is also verification of which breeders do have DNA certificates on file with a credible registry such as AMRA.

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