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To submit your application electronically, please click on the below link:

Single Dog Registration Application  (This feature is not currently available, but will be soon!)

To mail in an application, please click on the below links to view the printable version of each application.

Litter Registration Application      Single Dog Registration Application      Dual-Sire Litter Registration Application


Thank you for choosing the American Mi-Ki Registry Association. Please be sure to read the entire application thoroughly being careful to answer/circle all required information if you are mailing in your application. Also, please check to make sure that you have signed the application in all required areas. This will aid AMRA in being able to process your applications in a timely manner. To make this process as convenient for our families as possible, we now offer DNA kits for proof of parentage. The process is very easy. Order your kit through AMRA and once your receive the kit, simply swab your Mi-Ki's cheek lining and send kit back to AMRA.  AMRA will take care of all processes from there and will mail you a copy of the results. This process will usually take 2-3 weeks. AMRA will also automatically receive a copy of these results, so your registration will be completed and mailed out as soon as those results are received.


Thank You!


At the time of application, all dogs applying for initial AMRA Registration with no prior parental AMRA registration must meet the following requirements:

1. Dogs must be purebred Mi-Ki.
2. Puppies from any litter born prior to the Initial Registration of the sire and/or dam will be treated as individuals; each puppy must meet the Initial Registration Requirements.
3. Registry Eligibility:
a.The American Mi-Ki Registry Association is dedicated to keeping the bloodlines within the Mi-Ki breed pure; that is why we will only register known traceable bloodlines that come from the original Mi-Ki.  If any part of a dog's pedigree in any generation cannot be traced back to the original documented registered Mi-Ki, then AMRA will not verify and/or register it as a purebred Mi-Ki without having the results from the Mars Wisdom Panel proving that applicant is, in fact, a true purebred Mi-Ki.
b. If both parents of an applicant dog are AMRA registered, the dog must be registered through an AMRA Litter registration application.
4. Applicant dogs for “FULL REGISTRATION – BREEDABLE” status shall not have any disqualifying faults as listed in the AMRA Breed Standard (i.e., overshot bites, height more than 11 inches at wither, pink noses, monorchidism and cryptorchidism).
5. Applicant dogs already registered as “RESTRICTED REGISTRATION - PET ONLY” by another registry will only be registered as “RESTRICTED REGISTRATION” by AMRA.
6. All AMRA registered dogs and puppies will need to have DNA on file to verify and ensure purebred lineage.
7. Applicant dogs with “FULL REGISTRATION - BREEDING” Status must be DNA profiled by an AMRA-approved laboratory. (VetGen, UKC, and/or BioPet) AMRA will provide DNA kits to any owner needing to profile.
a. IF the applicant dog's Sire and Dam are alive and available, the applicant dog MUST be profiled DNA-VP (DNA Verified Parentage). The costs of DNA profiling are to be borne by the applicant. All attempts should be made to fulfill DNA-VP requirements.
b. IF the applicant dog's Sire and/or Dam are deceased or unavailable, the applicant dog will then be profiled DNA-CP. A dog's Sire and/or Dam are considered unavailable if the owner refuses to allow DNA profiling, the owner cannot be found, or the owner refuses to cooperate with the collection of the samples needed.
c. All applications for dogs (either DNA-CP or DNA-VP) applying for Initial Registration must include CERTIFIED pedigrees covering AT LEAST 3 generations, including all registration numbers, from all the registries in which the applicant dog, its parents, and its grandparents are currently or were registered. AMRA must be able to verify purebred status of applicant dog via pedigree and DNA. It may be necessary to provide AMRA with more than a 3 generation pedigree in order to verify purebred status. All  pedigrees must state that the registered breed of the dog/bitch, its parents, and its grandparents is a Mi-Ki. If none of the registries the dogs are registered with issued certified pedigrees, then the breeder of the dog/bitch must certify the authenticity of the pedigree and breed of the applicant dog. AMRA reserves the right to not issue registration on any applicant that cannot be deemed "purebred" through efficent pedigree research.

8. Proof of breeding rights must accompany the application. This can be done via a registration to the applicant dog via another approved dog registry and/or a copy of the contract where the breeder has signed off as selling the dog with or without breeding rights.

DNA-VP is the designator use when a registered dog’s Sire and Dam also have DNA profiles on record.
DNA-CP is the designator used when a registered dog’s Sire and Dam do not have DNA profiles on record.

Registration Requirements:
2. A photocopy of the applicant dog’s current registration certificate.
3. A photocopy of the Mi-Ki's DNA profile (UKC, VetGen, and/or BioPet).  If you do not have this, you may purchase a DNA kit from AMRA and we will take care of getting these results for you.
4. Two color photos (email preferred; .jpg format preferable): full front view and full side body view, (Photos must be clear and dog in standing position with full view of legs and feet) plus one "Cutsie" photo to go on the registration application. Photos must be within 6 months prior to the date the application is received by AMRA.
5. Submit the registration fee of $20.00 along with all required items. If the applicant dog is not accepted for Initial Registration with AMRA, the registration fee will be returned. Applications and photos will be retained by AMRA as part of the AMRA Registry files.
6. If a dog is already registered with another registry, that registered name will remain.

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